5 Habits for an Effective Customer Service Team

5 Habits for an Effective Customer Service Team
30 Jun 2016

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Here at Xarisma we care enough to be the best. It’s not enough to have the best printing machines in the nation and it’s not enough to have the best customer service in the nation. It requires every person on our team to own a piece of the business or the proverbial pie. At Xarisma, we train our staff to own the customer experience. It starts with the sale and goes beyond.

Here are 5 habits we constantly remind our team to follow:

1. Know how to handle questions that you don’t have the answer for.
2. Let the customer know you appreciate them choosing to use your business.
3. Have an “extra mile” mentality (go above and beyond to help the customer).
4. Give the customer confidence that you can fix a problem by empowering your team to fix the problem.
5. Remember to smile when you are talking to the customer – even if you’re just talking on the phone!

These are principles we try to instill in everyone on our team – especially those in customer service – but our customers know us the best. If you are a current, former or prospective customer, you know best how we are doing in living up to these standards. Whether we are doing an amazing job or aren’t meeting our own goals, we’d love to hear from you, so please take a minute to fill out a quick survey and let us know how you feel about our team!

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you in all of your soft signage needs!


Pat Perkins

Pat Perkins serves as the Xarisma division manager in Huntsville, AL. He manages and leads a team of customer service representatives, graphic designers, order entry personnel and sales representatives. Pat believes in the vision and values here at Xarisma and works with his team to make sure we are delivering on those values with every customer interaction. If you ask anyone who works with Pat what is one of his favorite values, you will hear having fun!