A (Re)Introduction to Xarisma

A (Re)Introduction to Xarisma
20 Jun 2016

Do you ever go to a party, meet people at a business lunch or start talking to a stranger on a plane?  Inevitably, one of the first questions that is going to come up in any of those situations is What do you do?  Since our founding, Xarisma has grown and evolved – expanding manufacturing capabilities, adding products and services – all to meet whatever client needs we think we can serve.  Some people know us for certain products or areas of expertise, but a lot of people may not know the full picture.  Here are a couple of questions we get frequently…

Are you a flag manufacturer?  Well, we spun out of a flag company and are one of the country’s largest manufacturers of custom flags.  We’re proud of that heritage and want people to think of us as the best in the world!  But, is that all we do?  Does “flag company” represent all that we do, or even our core?  No, it definitely doesn’t…  For starters, we print way more than just flags.  Every day our facility is filled with custom banners, promotional tents for corporate outings, silicone edge graphics for retail environments, trade show displays and more.  So, are you a print company?  No doubt, printing is one of our core strengths.  In the last year, we printed over 5 million square feet of material in house (plus another 3 million square feet managed with our screen print partners).  But again, “print company” doesn’t quite capture what we do or who we are deep down.  It’s part of it, but we do more for our clients than just print.

A lot of people ask us about our name…  Where did the name Xarisma come from (and how do you say X-arisma)?  Well, charisma comes from the Greek language and means to empower, inspire, enable and distinguish like no other.  One of our favorite characteristics of charisma is bold and powerful communication.  That’s us.  We want to help our customers create bold, powerful, inspiring communication.  That’s our ethos.  It’s what we do every day, and whatever we can do to hit that goal for our clients, we’re on board.  So, if our clients need a flag (or 20,000 flags), yes, we can manufacture flags all day long.  If they need an expert in large format printing or soft signage, we are those things too.  If a client needs a team who understands critical color to create high-impact displays for retail environments, we are a G7 master printer who has that edge.  If they need a partner who can not only print but provide the related accessories, our large inventory of media displays is ready to ship and makes us a true one-stop-shop for visual branding solutions.  Need a logistics coordinator?  Check…  And sometimes our clients just need us to pull off the impossible, and we’ve been known to do that too.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what better way to share what we do than through a quick introduction video.  Hope you enjoy taking a quick a peek at our team, process, equipment and some of many capabilities.  And more than that, we hope you get a sense of who we really are, and all of the different ways we serve our clients in providing bold, powerful communication.



Greg Brown