Dupont Artistri

We bought our first Dupont Artistri 2020 in 2004, and accepted our first job before we even had the machine out of the box. But, once up and running, it worked like a charm, and we’ve bought four more since then. These machines continue to be our primary flag printer, delivering beautiful flags and banners day after day.

The Artistri 3320 printer is built on the digital textile inkjet format of DuPont’s 180cm 2020. The new printer is 330cm wide and is able to handle coated and uncoated fabrics up to 22mm thick. The 3320 printer supports a variety of inks: acid dye, reactive dye, disperse dye and pigment. Equipped with 16 printheads, the Artistri machine offers up to 8 ink colors. The top speed of the 3320 is 710ft2/hr at 360dpi. The Artistri system comprises the Artistri printer, inks, GA software and a hot air dryer.


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