500x300 Rho

Xarisma’s relationship with Durst began in 2012 when we were searching for the finest direct-to-fabric large format printer available. After a long evaluation process, we settled on the Durst Rhotex 320. This 126″ wide printer gave stunning results and speed without the drawbacks we believe are inherent to the transfer printing process.

The Durst Rhotex 322 is our newest printer, and the flagship of our fleet. It’s increased speed and flexibility increased polyester print capacity by over 150%. By adding a second machine, we were able to reduce downtime by scoping different materials to different machines, and have greater ability to turn large runs in short time frames.


Print Speed

Max Width

Ink Chemistry


Product Possibilities

Our brand new printer made one quick stop before arriving at its permanent home in Huntsville – at the 2013 SGIA show. This event was Durst’s introduction of the Rhotex 322 to the North American market, and we were excited to have our name on their showcase machine.