In the Beginning

In the Beginning
12 Apr 2016

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It was the fall of 2008.

We had just incorporated as Xarisma, and purchased the printing division of CF Flag from my father, Jack Houser. We owed Jack a lot of money, had a small list of customers, no ERP system, and needed to find a way to survive for (3) weeks on a $20,000 loan I made to Xarisma, because no bank would loan us money. Our main staff consisted of Steve Knuble (my 1 operating partner) and about 12 other employees- many of which still work with us today!

About 1 year in to our existence, I was sitting in my fathers office, and received a call from an advertising agency that said they wanted to know what I thought was the best form of advertising attention getters. They were supporting a retail chain that was launching 500 grand openings that year, and wanted some of the standard flags, signs, banners and pennants that everyone usually uses. My client said, they also wanted something they could place in the grass on the roadside, on sidewalk in front of stores, and even mount to the roof of their buildings. They wanted them to be large, blow in the wind and printed with bright colors.

While price is always sensitive, our client said they were willing to pay for a premium item, if it could accomplish their objectives. I suggested the premium ad flag, supposing the client might want to use (1) unit per store. I made them a sample in (1) day, and sent the product over night directly to their client. The product was received well, and the agency asked me to quote them for the 500-store roll out. Minutes after sending the email quote, I was called and told the client liked the product so much, that they wanted (6) units per store, for a total of 3,000 units! Within the day, I had a P.O. for 3,000 units. It was a fantastic order for Xarisma, and one of the largest P.O.’s Xarisma had for a long time!

Throughout Xarisma’s (8) years of business, we have sold 100,00’s of Premium Ad Flags. On (3) distinct instances, either our clients, or our client’s customer have provided us memorable feedback on the items. On a nationwide promotional campaign, one client said, “It’s the single greatest form of attention gathering for retail stores”. Another client that has used this product for 1,000’s of retail store locations said, “There’s no better form of affordable advertising products we prefer to use”.

It’s clear our Premium Ad Flag fulfills Xarisma’s mission to provide Bold, Powerful, Communication. Our premium flexible fiberglass poles have reinforced metal ferrules stabilizing the weakest points. Our high impact steel bases have rotating components with lubed ball bearings. Our Durst technology digital printers directly print on to our proprietary Evertex® material or on our 200-denier nylon material. The results provide the world’s highest quality media displays, and most brilliant printed UV coated flags in the world!

Hope you enjoyed reading a little about Xarisma.  I’m looking forward to sharing more stories from our journey in the coming weeks and months!

Jon C. Houser



Jon Houser

Jon is genuine, positive and a honest go-getter looking to make Xarisma the #1 soft signage company in the world! Blessed with a wonderful wife and children, he is encouraged to make a mark in every market and life he encounters.