Marketing or Sales?

Marketing or Sales?
01 Jun 2016

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Best selling author and business consultant, James Collins, identifies “The Genius of the And” as an enduring tenet, exhibited by the world’s most successful businesses.  “The Genius of the And” is a process of putting two seemingly contradictory things together, simultaneously.  For example, a company might want to manufacture the best quality products, and still have a fair market price. Companies may want to pursue an idealistic dream of changing the world, and yet still be profitable.  

A small business seems capable to either focus on action A, or action B, but can not do them both simultaneously. A great example is in sales and marketing.  Small businesses can take their time to prepare and execute a marketing plan, or they need to spend all of their time responding to sales opportunities. Collins insists, that to be successful in business, we will need to find a way to be both at the same time. Great companies do not bow to the “Tyranny of the Or”, but rather, they succeed by embracing “The Genius of the And”.

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Marketing is anything you can do to increase your company’s visibility, or generate awareness of your company or products. Marketing is not selling products, but the act of promoting products to help people want to buy them.  It is identifying customers you want to do business with and generating relationship with them so that you can engage them in the process of sales.  In order to have sales, intentional marketing is necessary, and needs to proceeds sales, but for small businesses, marketing can be dichotomistic to sales.

A good friend and business consultant, Barney Cohen, helped Xarisma develop a business-marketing plan called “0 to 10” (you can read more about Barney Cohen at    We identify all customers and potential customers and rank them on a scale of “0” to “10”.  A “0” is a potential customer that you want to do business with, a “3” represents a potential customer’s identified decision maker, and a “10” represents a customer that you have built a relationship with and are currently doing business with.  

We found it valuable to write cold-call and cool-call scripts introducing our company to “0’s”.  We hired and trained employees to make these calls with the goal of qualifying the leads.  Instead of asking sales reps to spend their time searching for customers, the goal of the marketing call is to find the decision maker and tell them about the products. If the decision maker was interested in talking to a sales rep, our caller set up a time for a call back with the rep.  The key is to pass on the qualified and hot leads to a sales rep, and let them do what they do best – thus accomplishing “The Genius of the And”!

This system has been a great tool for the Xarisma team, and wanted to pass it on in the hopes it could be useful as you market to your customers as well.  After a customer is in your system, it makes it much easier to send out emails, catalogs, and new products specials!  In this month’s blog special, we are including our flyer on tents. We have also created a tent special set up with Suggested Retail Pricing. There is room on the tent special page to add your corporate logo and identity.  If you need help doing this, email your customer service rep or sales rep and let us know how we can help you!

Jon C. Houser


Jon Houser

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