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Our New Printers | Xarisma.com
01 Feb 2017

Xarisma is committed to offering the very best to your business. We are constantly investing in our own production and manufacturing processes to make sure that we can create beautiful products for you. We know that our products are your products. When we raise our standards, we also raise your product quality. It’s as simple as that, and we’re committed to it.  

In that vein, Xarisma is proud of our two newest printers, the Durst 312R and the Durst Rhotex HS. These printers are the most efficient, quick, and powerful digital printers in the market.  

Xarisma proudly owns one of only 2 Durst Rhotex HS printers in the U.S. The Durst Rhotex HS operates at lightning speed–up to 400 sqm per hour. That makes the Rhotex HS the fastest digital printer on the market. Its resolution of up to 1,200 dpi produces unrivaled print quality. The Rhotex HS is equipped with the same patented Durst QuadroZ printhead technology that is used in the digital high-performance textile printers of the Durst Kappa Series.

Similarly, the Durst 312R is the most productive 3.2 m roll-to-roll printer in its class, defining the quality standard for industrial backlit and fine art printing. It features Durst’s Quadro Array 12M printheads with Variodrop technology. The12 picoliter drop size enables excellent image quality with up to 800 dpi, while the Variodrop technology is responsible for the printer’s high productivity with exceptional image quality.

We want to always offer you the best product in the industry. We do that by assembling the best production line in the industry.

Our commitment to creating the best is the natural extension of our desire to always give you the best. Call us today to see how the Durst Rhotex HS and the Durst 312R can help you grow your business. We’d love to partner with you. 


Reid Belew