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21 Jul 2016

Xarisma Flyer  White Label Flyer

Being a marketer changes the way you look at the world.

I find myself constantly thinking about the different ways that companies advertise their products and services. Before I began studying marketing in school, this never crossed my mind.  Like everyone else, I subconsciously absorbed the marketing that companies threw at me, but never really analyzed it. After I graduated with my marketing degree from Auburn University, I took a job at Xarisma, and my level of awareness jumped again. Now, there is a spot in my brain for marketing that – while I didn’t even know existed a few years ago – I can’t ignore.

When I first heard about the opportunity at Xarisma, I did some research and found that they are one of the largest wholesale fabric printing companies in the US.  They have a big selection of products like flags, banners, tents and table covers (for which they also keep a large inventory of poles, banner stands and accessories), and they do a lot of really cool custom work for some big brands in the large format printing world.  Pretty interesting stuff!

Once I started at Xarisma, I got to see behind the curtain and understand what makes them really special – the culture, their mission and goals, the focus on quality, the awesome team members who care so much about what they are making.  Flags aren’t just flags, banners aren’t just banners – they’re something that a dedicated team has crafted to help make their customers more successful.

I think once your eyes are opened to an industry, you start seeing it everywhere you look.  Now, I’ll be out eating dinner with my family, and I’ll see signage all around.  Whether it’s a feather flag drawing customers into a store, a sign by the hostess station talking about a rewards program, or a banner over the bar with the special of the month, I just can’t get away from it!  And it’s not just at restaurants… Walk through the mall and every store is using our products.  Drive past a car dealership or real estate development and they’re there too.  And when I do see these display products, a couple of things always come to mind:

  1. Soft signage is a great marketing tool.  It’s easy to see, easy to setup, looks great, conveys information and reinforces your brand.  If you or your customers are looking to promote a product or just increase awareness in general, these products are extremely effective.
  2. How is the product made?  How is the quality?  Does the print look good?  Is the sewing done well?  Does it look good on its stand or pole?

Then, these thoughts come next:

  1. There is so much that Xarisma can do.  With fast, high-quality printers, huge material selection, great team, and a “yes we can do that” approach, there isn’t much in the soft signage world that Xarisma couldn’t achieve for its clients.
  2. Xarisma’s quality is at the top of its class.  Sometimes I’m amazed that marketers settle for the quality (or lack of quality) they get.  Why settle for less when there are better options?!?

In my short time so far at Xarisma, a couple of things are clear…  If you’re marketing a product or a brand, soft signage that boldly and powerfully communicates your message is an easy, cost effective, and essential component to a good marketing strategy.  Xarisma can help you achieve these goals.  And, if you’re taking a job in marketing, doing it for a company who offers quality, consistency, speed, responsiveness and selection – the whole package – makes your job just a little bit easier!


Evan Moore

Evan Moore is a graduate of Auburn University where he focused his studies in marketing. He serves as the Marketing Director for Xarisma's Huntsville, AL location. Evan manages and handles tasks relating to the company’s marketing while helping other divisions with marketing related tasks. He strives to make Xarisma the leader in its industry while promoting the vision and values of the company.