Using Products Outside of the Box

Using Products Outside of the Box
23 Jun 2016

In the normal day-to-day of Xarisma, most of the products we make are going to be used in a couple of different situations – blade flags advertising a restaurant, custom tents for a festival, lightboxes in retail environments, or banners to create a trade show display.  But every once in a while, we hear about something a little more outside of the box, and this one cracked us up!  

One of our customers (Charlie Wilson at Respoke) works at a company that is setup to work remotely, which means he can generally work from anywhere.  But for those few times where he has to appear to be in a more professional environment while he was away (for example, a video conference with a big customer or his boss’s boss), he needed a solution.  That’s where we came in…  Instead of printing a banner to advertise a product or decorate a special event, we created a banner that was a photo of his office to make it seem like he was exactly where he needed to be.  We included pole sleeves on the top and bottom so he could attach it to a lightweight PVC frame he constructed.  When a customer conference call came up on vacation, he was ready to go!

tumblr_inline_nru8fsEuNZ1smb32u_400   tumblr_inline_nru8kf8At41smb32u_500

Of course, there wasn’t much we could do to keep people on the other line from hearing the sound of waves or see kids jumping into frame in bathing suits, but we did our part!  If you’re curious, you can read Charlie’s full blog post on the experience here.

The moral of the story…  Whatever situation you might need a banner printed for, Xarisma is the place to come!


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