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We are the Largest Wholesale Fabric Printer in North America for Flags, Banners, Front lit Signage & Backlit Signage

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From start to finish, we can accomplish anything you need to make all your printing dreams become a reality

Equipped with an amazing team…we can deliver beautifully unique prints
and media displays to you in great quality and time.


Our customer care approach is a little different from most. Each of our account reps is trained to handle all aspects of a job – including art and production coordination – increasing responsiveness and reliability.


Xarisma has invested in some of the finest printing and digital cutting equipment in the world, to deliver beautiful clean cut prints on a nearly unlimited range of fabrics and non-fabric substrates.


Industry-leading baseline turnaround times. Rush services for even tighter deadlines. Combine that with a different approach to customer service, and you have products delivered to you, or multiple locations, in no time at all.

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We provide wholesale digital textile printing to every type of reseller under the sun. Five unique and special communities we work with are:

  • Flag Resellers
  • P.o.P
  • Specialty Ad Product Manufacturers
  • Global Brands
  • Marketing & Design Firms

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We Expand Your Possibilities

In addition to being the largest fabric printer in North America, we also
deliver stunning results on a range of other textiles, from vinyls and rigids
to adhesives and papers. From custom wallpaper for a boutique store to
large-scale canvas stadium wraps, we can print just about anything you can imagine.

In-Demand Products

Our product offering matches the range of our materials and print capabilities. Check out our full selection of banner stands, table covers, tents, sidewalk displays and more. And if you don’t see something you’re looking for, download our expanded and updated product catalog, or email us a question.


We combine a talented, hard-working team with the best equipment and material on the market to deliver the high-quality results you’ve come to expect from Xarisma.

Learn more about our Equipment, Materials and Vinyl, Rigid & Adhesive Options

Art & Design

Xarisma has redefined client care. Everyone in our in-house art department is trained in Adobe Illustrator, which means we can design a layout and send it back to you immediately.


Finishing Options

Our expert team of sewers has over 100 years of sewing experience, and has seen almost every variation you could imagine. For our standard, every day flag and banner orders, this experience shows in the highest quality finishing on the market, geared toward maximizing the lifespan of every product we ship. But, it doesn’t stop there. Knowing what we know allows us to tackle jobs with unique shapes, sizes and finishing requirements. So, if you’re trying to beat a Guinness World Record for the largest banner or just looking for a flag to be finished with the best stitching on the market, you’ve come to the right place.

Rush Services

Our all-digital printing process gives us a lot of flexibility when it comes to getting jobs out quickly. Besides setting the standard for normal production times, we can be very responsive to customers’ rush needs. While rush service availability depends on a number of factors (e.g. job size, current workload, inventory availability), next day or second day jobs are typically within the realm of possibility.

Fulfillment Services

At one point or another, our customers have asked for the full range of fulfillment services. Xarisma offers convenient third-party private label shipments, and many of our customers take advantage of drop shipping straight to their customers’ doors. For larger jobs, we can kit or bulk pack items with custom labeling requirements, fill up multiple dedicated trucks to ship direct to a warehouse or fulfillment center, or ship to thousands of individual locations from a single order.


The best equipment in the world won’t matter much if you don’t have the right people working behind the scenes. We love our team, and we think you will too. They are highly knowledgeable, well trained, and most importantly, they care about getting your jobs done right.

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